Heroines of the First Age

Sing, Muse, of Xlu the Red, of Tyakua the Stonebound, of Elbor the Unjust. Sing of the Heroines of the First Age, of the fire at the beginning of the world.

HFA is a tabletop role-playing game about larger-than-life monsters and the dawn of civilization. HFA is the intersection between monstergirls, RPGs, and myth & legend.

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Your immortality is not in question. But what will you do with your new power now that you're trapped in the World of the Forsaken?

Oubliette is a dark fantasy table-top role-playing game and mythology. In it, players take on the roles of the long-lost, the forsaken, and the exiled, eking their way through a world built by hostile forces. Once in Oubliette, these beings find themselves unable to die, reincarnating whenever sweet oblivion would take them. But there are a few who do not give in to madness and depression. They are The Unbroken.

This is their story.

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Sumoner's Grimiore

Summoner's Grimoire is the best kept secret of the occult world. It was mentioned in the Necronomicon, the Book of Enoch, and the Dead Sea Scrolls (all of whom gave it five stars). HP Lovecraft allegedly played Summoner's Grimoire with his 2-6 closest tentac-err... friends.

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The Land of Kyokutō is thick with strife. The Succession Wars have taken their toll: the common folk have been crushed under the weight of the Clan armies, the samurai have been forced into conflict after conflict, and the Daimyo themselves are constantly under threat of assassination.

Not even the spirits are safe. As the shugenja of the armies find new and inventive ways to harness magic for war, they create ever more powerful seals and contracts to bind yōkai, obake, and kami. The reijin, half spirit people with powerful spiritual abilities, are forced into the service of the clans.

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